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I might not be your conventional role model. I have dreams that don't require the buy-in of others, I am the ultimate champion of my own dreams.
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Zak Lee

With multiple martial arts and kickboxing world champions under his belt, a pro-international championship won, all culminating with successful exercise videos in the fitness market, Zak Lee molded an idea into a reality. ​


Creator of the X3S Bench, Zak used his background and an old exercise he used to do when he was a kickboxing fighter. Usually training alone, he realized an instant need for a piece of equipment that you could do solo, without having a training partner or a coach to hold down legs. Using the X3S Bench, he created the "Stand Sit SitUp" exercise and was able to incorporate a variety of additional drills using a medicine ball, dumbbells, and so many more attachments.


Creator and producer of the very first exercise video “TaiBox Kick To Fit” (1998), Zak hired radio host personality Ellen K (from 102.7 KIIS FM) to be his co‐host and reached the number 6 position on the Billboard video chart.

Among his biggest fitness achievements, Zak boasts a personal extreme-fitness record of accomplishing a 24-hour, non-stop, climb of California's popular Santa Monica Stairs. At 189 steps repeated 316 times, Zak climbed up and down the stairs, for a total of 59,724 steps -- a distance equal to one and half the height of Mountain Everest. 


For his 45th Birthday, Zak underwent a fitness age exam, determining his fitness age to be the equivalent of a 22-year-old. From that date, Zak committed himself to understanding what made his body so healthy, fit, and young. Part of his discovery was the Avocado, a super food he discovered when he became dedicated to eating a raw foods diet, before ultimately becoming a vegan. 

Also sharing a passion for acting, Zak's comedic talent was revealed in the romantic comedy feature film, Everybody Wants To Be Italian. He also guest starred on the prime time TV show Medium (NBC) as serial killer Julian Piers. His latest (2016) major roles in his acting career was joining the cast on “Live by Night” where he played Adomo Valocco opposite Ben Affleck. Zak’s other appearances include “Agent X”, “Rush Hour”, “Criminal Minds Beyond Borders”, “The LAST SHIP”, “NCIS Los Angeles” and “Trafficked”.


In addition, Zak can be seen on several national commercial spots with Conan O’Brien and Jamie Lee Curtis, along with other spots for Mercury Insurance and AT&T.


Zak is a strong animal activist and environmental defender. He has loved animals deeply since his youth and has been equally passionate about saving and preserving Mother Nature and all living things.